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Cultivation that abandons winning is not REAL

Winning can go hand in hand with excellent nurturing.

Winning” and “development” go hand in hand. I think this is an eternal theme for coaches in the development category.
Any coach who cares about the future of his or her players and wants to coach from a long-term perspective must have faced this dilemma at least once.

“Winning” and “Nurturing” at the same time

I am no exception to this dilemma, but I feel that I may be able to get out of it after I came across the following book, “Winning is compatible with excellent nurturing.

「勝利か、育成か」……これは、サッカーの指導者に常につきまとうジレンマである。特に育成年代を指導する下部組織の指導者にとっては切実な問題だ。 ところがFCバルセロナでは、トップチームからジュニアまで世界最高峰のレベルにありながら、それを両立しているのだ。特にバルサのカンテラ(下部組織)は、メッシやシャビをはじめ、世界的...

These words are from Josep Guardiola i Sala, a top soccer player and coach.

So why did these words come from him?

Let me quickly introduce an excerpt from an interview with him from the above book, which was particularly impressive to me. I think this interview will give you a little more insight into what he means when he talks about “both winning and fostering”.

For me, at least, this interview is a step forward in understanding his belief that “winning and development can go hand in hand”.

Whether or not it is appropriate to use player substitutions to buy time and pull off a victory is debatable. On the other hand, it is also a good idea to play only high-level players and not give substitutes a chance to play, saying, “Win 9-0 instead of 5-0. But in essence, it is necessary to engrave in the hearts of all players the message that winning is the only thing worthwhile at Barça. This is also important in the development process.

Josep Guardiola i Sala

Without winning, good development is not possible.

I think that’s what he was trying to say in the above interview.

“Every player deserves the opportunity to develop. It is very important to give every player the opportunity to develop. However, it is also important to raise the priority of winning, and to be greedy for winning. This in itself will accelerate the player’s development, which in turn will lead to excellent development.”

Winning is compatible with excellent development.” is another way of saying, “Without winning, excellent development is not possible.

To put it bluntly, I used to think that in order to practice excellent development, I had to sacrifice winning. But perhaps that is not the case.

In fact, victory is the essence of truly excellent nurturing. Winning is not everything. But nurturing that abandons winning is not REAL.

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